KaseyaCMD Alpha v0.0.1.0 Release

Jul 20, 2010 at 4:02 PM

Talking KaseyaCMD Alpha v0.0.1.0 Released

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Thought I would update to let everyone know that I have finally had some time to work on this and have made some progress.

I have just posted an incremental alpha (from v0.0.0.1 to v0.0.1.0) release on the CodePlex site for the KaseyaCMD PowerShell module. This version represents a bit of a shift in the overall approach for the module to better align with both Kaseya as well as trying to deliver a top notch module. As you will see below, I have made some big changes and a lot of functionality is still missing, which is why this is an alpha, but the main module should now be functional and will provide at least some hopefully helpful pieces. Change log follows:

- Restructured module into a 'main' module and several sub-modules to better match K2 interface structure as well as provide some dev focus

- Changed help from 'in-line' comment based help to the standard PowerShell help file format. These are now stored in the 'En-Us' subdirectory of the main module folder.

- Adjusted all components to reflect the correct module name of 'KaseyaCMD'

- Changed all cmdlet style functions to follow standard cmdlet naming structure of 'verb-' followed by a prefix of 'KCMD' and ending with the singular version of the target noun

- Built out the following cmdlets in the main module:

Get-KCMDCommand - Shortcut to list all published KCMD cmdlets
Get-KCMDServer - Main binder to get and authenticate to Kaseya
Get-KCMDTransaction - Gets most recent transaction details or history of current session
Get-KCMDDBView - Gets a list of published database views and columns
Get-KCMDViewData - Queries the contents of a specified database view (supports filters)

Please keep in mind that, at least initially, the module's focus will be on implementing each of the web APIs provided by Kaseya so any cmdlets you see will map directly to one or more of these. We are open to requests, though these will have to be prioritized in relation to the primary module development. We ask that any such requests be posted to the CodePlex site.